Friday, 13 September 2013

A Working Day Off

I do my writing Monday to Friday 9am-6pm. I like to keep my weekends free for the usual socialising and general slouching in front of the telly duties that it falls to each man to perform. It also allows me to prioritise my time and keep a schedule for everything else that needs to be done. This has lasted me well for some time but now and again, quite rarely, I get a few chores that pop up and over time, they accumulate to a point where I have to take a day off during the week in order to perform these dull yet necessary tasks. You know the ‘See a doctor about that ever increasing back pain’ and ‘Post that latest manuscript’ sort of jobs that you have to leave the house for.
Well today was one of those days, and now I feel knackered. I usually feel wiped out after a day of writing and it takes a while to get my head out of writer’s mode. But with a day that is spent walking everywhere, from the doctors, to the high street, to the next high street, to the launderette, back home, back to the launderette then to the shops to buy dinner, it knackers you out. But after an hour, you feel fine again. I exaggerated a bit there as I don’t have to go to the launderette, I have a utility room instead, but you get the idea.
Does anyone else know what I’m talking about, the weird random days where you’re not writing but it’s not actually a day off either? Is there any way around these annoying chore days, besides hiring an assistant? And what do most of you have to do during these working days off?
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